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Anti Bullying & Behaviour policies

These aims and principles reflect the Governors’ behaviour principles for GHPS:



  • To be welcoming and inclusive.
  • To create a firm and consistent approach throughout the school.
  • To maintain, encourage and promote positive behaviour, self-discipline and respect.
  • To encourage independence and personal confidence.
  • To uphold our school values as a rights respecting school.
  • To encourage consideration for others in the community by promoting respect, courtesy, tolerance, teamwork, trust and honesty.
  • To support the development of self-esteem and self-respect by distinguishing between a pupil and that pupil’s behaviour.
  • To develop pride in the school, in work, in effort as well as achievement.


Promoting positive behaviour

All learners, parents, staff and visitors who come into school have responsibility for promoting positive behaviour by demonstrating clear values and principles through;

  • Teaching right from wrong, honesty and respect for others.
  • Encouraging internal discipline, self-management of behaviour and a sense of responsibility for positive behaviour.
  • Praising positive behaviour. Using positive phrasing and reminding.
  • Providing pupils with positive experiences that will create positive feelings and therefore positive behaviour.
  • Being good role models through patterning and copying.
  • Using scripts, repetition and structure.
  • Using consistent, clear and agreed boundaries.
  • Comfort and forgiveness.


For the complete positive behaviour policy, please use the link below. 

For our Anti Bullying and response to Racism Policy click below.
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