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Topic- Kindness 13.11.17

This week is anti-bullying week.

This week we are Reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears story and learning about:

Monday: How to be kind and helpful, how to share, be a good friend and let others play with us. How we are all important and special, the same but different. We will decorate our piece of puzzle that will represent us and use it to make our Big Class Puzzle display.  


On Tuesday:  We will read and talk about the book.

On Wednesday:

Nursery am will have a woodland lesson with Mrs Payne/Computing with Ms Handel

Nursery pm will have Computing. We will learn how to use a mouse to click, drag and click items on the screen.

On Thursday we will learn to compare size by using the words: big, medium size, small.

On Friday we can come to school in spots for children in need and anti-bullying week.

Phonics: we will look at the sounds in words and learn s, a, t, p sounds

Picture 1

W/B 6.11.17

Topic: Can't you sleep, little bear?

       Light and dark

On Monday we will read the book and talk about our own experiences and feelings in the dark. 

On Tuesday we will look at the torches and explore how they work. 

On Wednesday half of the class will go to the woodlands to collect different resources and then use them to make our own bookmarks. The rest of the children will look at different maths games on the computer related to numbers.

On Thursday we will make our night pictures using the wax crayons and the black paints.

On Friday we will learn about the importance of the Remembrance Day and we will make our own poppies.

In phonics we will learn how to blend and segment sounds in simple CVC words using our robot arms.

Topic-Autumn and Fireworks 30.10.17

This week we are learning about:

Different seasons and the changes that happen outside.

We will go on our Autumn walk outside the school grounds. We will make different Autumn collages using our collection of leaves and conkers.

To listen to and to play Autumn music.

To learn why we should remember the 5th of November?

To make fireworks in our creative area.

To learn how to stay safe with fireworks.


To name numerals 0-10 and to match them to the quantity correctly.

In Phonics lesson we will look at differences in vocal sounds and we will talk about the sounds we can make with our voices.

Learning to learn week.   16th October 2017

This week we are learning

To develop our reasoning skills.

To learn how to ask questions so we can develop our learning.

To ask questions starting with what, when, where, who, how?

To learn how and why people all over the world celebrate Diwali.

To understand the Diwali story of Rama, Sita and the 10 headed Demon!

To pretend to be the characters and ask them questions. To act out the story using puppets.

To take part in a Diwali workshop on Thursday afternoon where we will learn about Diwali, try on traditional Indian clothes and to dance to traditional music.

To match the quantity to a number correctly.

To use 2D shapes to create pictures.



W/B 2.10 17

Harvest and Little Red Hen

This week we are learning about

What is a Harvest Festival, how do Christians celebrate Harvest? Learn Harvest Festival songs.

On Monday we will read and tell to each other the story of Little Red Hen. We will discuss who were the selfish characters in the story.

How to talk clearly to an audience, looking at them and keeping our hands away from our face.

How to talk to a talk partner whilst we are on the carpet for a lesson. To look at our partner and listen to what they are saying.

How to hold a pen correctly using froggy fingers.

On Tuesday we will have our Harvest assembly.

On Wednesday we will go to our woodlands area to explore and look at the changes that happen around.

On Thursday we will practice getting changed for our PE lesson and have different games moving in different ways.

On Friday we will have maths lesson. We will be looking at selecting different amounts of objects out of a bigger group.

We have phonics lesson every day. We will listen to different environmental sounds and create new sounds using the instruments and different body parts.


This week’s topic- 18th September

Our friends and pets. We will be reading 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell

This week we are learning about

Our friends and our pets.

We will talk to a group or our class about our friends and pets.

What pets we have and how we look after them.

How to hold a pencil and draw lines and circles.

To revise the days of the week and months of the year.

We will look at Sitting and Listening skills and we are going to do sounds investigation.

If weather permits, we will have our first visit to woodland school.

This week’s topic- 11th September

Our Rights and Ourselves

This week we are learning about

Our rights as children and Golden Expectations.

Ourselves and the family we belong to, who we live with and how we are all different.

To talk to a group or our class about ourselves.

What our body looks like and how to draw a face.

We will draw our own self portrait.

We will look at the groups we belong to: our school, our class, the animal groups.

To learn the days of the week and months of the year.


Welcome to Nursery 2017-2018

This weeks topic- 4th September 2017

Topic- Settling in

This week we are learning

All about our new school, classrooms, learning environment, teachers and friends.

We will be taught how to use each area of the classroom and outdoor environment.

We will create class rules and a class charter to keep us all safe, happy and able to learn.We will tell each oth


It will be a very busy first week.


Our new playground.

Our new playground. 1
Our new playground. 2
Our new playground. 3

In our Foundation Unit we have Reception, and Nursery


All children have the use of a large well resourced setting which includes 2 outside areas, one of which is covered.

The times of the sessions are as follows-:

Reception 8.50 – 3.10 pm

Morning Nursery 8.30 – 11.30 pm

Afternoon Nursery 12.30 - 3.30 pm

Pupils in receipt of 30 hours funding 8.30am - 2.30pm


Nursery Staff

Ms S. Handel, Mrs H. Payne & Mrs H. Trueman

The Foundation Unit is staffed by Teachers, Early Years Practitioners and Teaching Assistants. All of our staff are happy to help parents at any time.


What is the Foundation Stage Unit?
The Foundation Stage Unit is a learning environment for children who are in the Foundation Stage phase of their education which is between the ages of 4 and 5 years.
The Foundation Stage is a distinct stage which is important in its own right and we believe it is crucial in preparing children for later schooling.
The Foundation Stage Unit includes children from their forth birthday until the end of their Reception Year. We recognise it as a crucial in education, both in its own right and in preparing children for learning in Key Stage one. We believe that all children should be given the best possible start to their education. Great value is placed on the quality of our provision in the Foundation Stage by providing all of the children with stimulating activities that are appropriate for their age and stage of development. It is recognised that when children join us, they will already have had a range of experiences and they will also have a range of skills and interests; therefore the curriculum is carefully planned so that their learning is always moving forward.


Week 10th July: Planets 

Monday: We were reading the information books about the solar system and talk about different planets.

Tuesday: It was our Sports day. We had so much fun ;-) Please see our photos (later) 

Wednesday: We went to play in the Reception rooms and made our space rockets.

Thursday: We made our astronauts helmets because we will be taking off into Space.

Friday: We are off on the journey around the solar system, see you when we get back (we don't know when :-)  )




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