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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!



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Miss A. Waterhouse, Mrs F. Birtchnell & Mrs A. Yates
Mrs S. Lawrence & Mrs S. Sharples

Mrs H. Williams & Mrs K. Pauling



In our first week of Year 1, we were learning about ordinal numbers in our Maths lessons. We had running races on the playground and had to put ourselves in the correct order!


To kick off our topic of Seasonal Changes, we went for a nature walk around the school grounds then discussed what we noticed. We agreed the current season was summer, but it was changing to Autumn because we found leaves of lots of different colours!

Toy Workshop - Monday 2nd October


The children had the opportunity to explore and investigate a variety of toys from both the past and present during the morning session. They had great fun discovering how different toys were made and how they work. During the afternoon session, the children got to design and create their own toys ranging from spinning tops to clay models.


Year 1 have been using a range of resources to help them understand number, addition and subtraction. They are now confident with using tens frames, cubes, counters, bead strings, the bar model AND the part whole model! 

Diwali Workshop

To celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali, the children took part in a workshop. They got to explore the story of Rama and Sita using role play, costumes and props. They then had the opportunity to try on some traditional Hindu clothes and jewellery, and play with Hindu dolls, books and musical instruments.


Science - Plants

Year 1 carried out an experiment to see what cress would need in order to grow. They planned and predicted, then measured and discovered that their 'cress heads' needed soil, sun and water!

Teddy Bear's picnic

During their topic of Toys, Year 1 brought in their own soft toys from home and had a teddy bear's picnic! They went into the forest to make homes, develop their reasoning skills by exploring, comparing and making links, and develop their speaking and listening skills by describing and questioning. Finally, they sat down to enjoy some squash, crisps and biscuits with their teddies!


Design and Technology

Year 1 read the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We then designed, made and evaluated moving pictures from different parts of the story. We used a range of materials to make our moving pictures, then reflected and discussed with each other how we think it went and how we could improve next time. 


As part of our Science topic, Animals including Humans, we were visited by ZooLab. The children got to see, touch and hold a range of minibeasts, including a giant snail, a cockroach, a tarantula and a snake!

Learning to Learn Day: Science

For our February Learning to Learn Day, Year 1 developed their Science enquiry making slime! They had to observe closely and work out how much water, cornflour and glue they'd need, they then asked questions about what they could investigate next. 

They also went outside and experimented with bubbles in the wind, and had to work out how to get a counter from the table onto a plate without touching anything! Throughout the day the children developed their questioning, predicting and reasoning skills, and learnt how to think like Scientists!

Mexico Afternoon!

Year 1 have been comparing Hemel to Mexico, so we had a Mexico afternoon!

The children had to make their passports and boarding passes before boarding a plane in the Hall (including listening to in-flight safety information  and getting a snack from the trolley), they then listened to Mexican music and tried some Mexican food!


Local Area trip

As part of our topic of Hemel Hempstead, Year 1 went on a trip around Gadebridge Park. We walked all the way to Charter Gate, where we discussed the significance of King Henry VIII, we found human and physical features around the park, and lastly we looked at the different buildings in the Old Town.

Trip to London

As part of their topic work, Year 1 went on a trip to London where they went on an open top tour bus around the city! They saw lots of human features such as Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, and some physical features such as the River Thames. They also got to see Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London started. 

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