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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - 'CARING'


Hi everyone


This week our topic is Dragons! Lots of children, at home and in school,  told us they were interested in dragons  and would like to learn more about them.

This week we will be starting the week off by Miss Edmonds finding an egg in the outdoor area. The children will then complete tasks to find out who left the egg there. Later in the week we will discover it is a dragon egg, and we will even see a video of the dragon flying over our playground! We will read a range of lovely stories all based around dragons including: Dragon Post, Dare to Care: Pet Dragon and Zog. 

The children will be writing letters to people to help them find the dragon so it can come back and look after its egg!


In phonics we have now learnt all the Phase 3 sounds so we will be moving onto Phase 4. In Phase 4 there are no new sounds to learn, it is a short phase where the children begin blending longer words with all phase 2 and 3 sounds in. Keep an eye out for the different Phase 4 games you can play at home.


For Maths this week we will be comparing sizes, including vocabulary like: big/medium/small, length/long/short and height. We will be having lots of fun with size using our topic of dragons looking at sizes of dragons and their eggs.


For an extra activity this week your child can participate in Zog's Dragon School. Once Miss Edmonds has read the story Zog on Monday you can download the PDFs attached (you do not need to print these) in the days below or off the daily Tapestry observation. Dragon school has lots of different tasks and activities for your child to participate in and at the end of the week they can receive a certificate (PDF also attached)!


We hope you enjoy this topic and get creative. Don't forget to sign in to your child's Tapestry to access all our daily videos and home learning tasks.

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