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Hi everyone!


Welcome to our second week back to school. 

We will continue to focus (in the afternoon sessions) on wellbeing and everyone's social, emotional and personal skills as we want to ensure they come before anything else!

This week we will look at another celebration that might be familiar to some of you- St Patrick's Day.

We will be reading the stories about



and St Patrick and having class discussions around the characters in the stories. We will look at the rhyming words and try to continue rhyming strings, i.e: gold, bold, fold; pot, hot, lot.  

In phonics we will be playing lots of whole class games focused around Phase 2, 3 and 4, as well as High Frequency and Tricky words.

In Maths we will explore clocks: faces, numbers and hands (hour, minutes and seconds). We will look at o'clock, make o'clock and half past. 

Look at the website

Ask your child to stay quiet for one minute and watch the second hand go round to make one minute. Explain that one minute is 60 seconds of time. Can your child jump for one minute? Count how many jumps they did in one minute. Discus how long one minute is. Repeat different one minute tasks: stand up sit down for one minute, stretch up tall touch the ground for one minute, march for one minute. Have fun. 


If your child took wellies and their PE kit home before Christmas please remember to send these back in. We will be doing PE and Woodlands this week. 

If you have any reading or library books we would like those back too please! Don't forget to read at home and record it in your child's reading record book. Your child has their reading book, the library book (of their choice) and the Rising stars allocated (online) book. It is important you read with or listen to your child every night. 


We look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning!

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