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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - 'CARING'


Hi Reception children,
We hope you've had a good weekend everyone and you are ready and raring to go for another superstar week (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but we still think we're the best Year group in the whole school!)


This week learning
This week we are focusing on the ‘The Little Red Riding Hood' traditional tale. It is important at this time in Reception the children begin to develop understanding of story structure and how traditional story telling works to support their writing in length. Watch the video of me (Ms H)- on Tapestry only, reading the story and join me on our journey exploring the story in more detail during the week.

We will continue to use our phonics knowledge to record information: simple words from the story: red, hood, big, sad, ear teeth, captions or sentences with these words.


Phonics: recall sounds learnt so far: all Phase 2 and Phase 3 learnt so far. Use them in words: sound it out blend it together; make sentences with the words. Watch our games (on Tapestry only) we played in class: Blankety Blank. Can you share your games with us? Recall the High Frequency and Tricky words learnt so far. 

For more information on phonics please access the self isolation documents on our class page.


Maths: focus on number recognition 0-10, 0-20.
In the last few weeks we looked at 1 more/1 less and adding. This week we will begin the foundations of subtraction. It is important for children to have a breadth of knowledge of how to subtract using different methods rather than taking away by memory for example: 3-2=1.
Watch the video (on Tapestry only) to see how you can learn the idea of subtraction in simple ways and using different resources (we used children ;-) )


PSED: Following from previous weeks, after reading the 'Colour monster' story, we will continue discussing how we can represent our feelings and emotions through colours. We will continue learning about the zones of regulation, a scheme we follow all the way through the school. It helps children to learn how to regulate their emotions and therefore, make better choices. This week is colour blue. See the video (on Tapestry only) of the things children talk about and how they represent that in drawing. What makes you feel blue? can you share it with us?


EAD/ART: following our topic of the week 'The Little Red Riding Hood'' we thought it would be nice for children to make different scenes from the story or the characters using different resources.


For handwriting support follow the link' Today it is all about 'b' but you can find links to other letters too 

Some of you asked for ideas of how to help your child with their letters and numbers formation. See the attachments below. I hope that will help. You don't have to print them, you can refer to them.


Don't forget to join Joe three times a week for PE lessons or click on the links below for different movements activities: 


Remember, there's always a reason to smile, you just have to find it.

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