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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. Value of the Month - PERSEVERANCE

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PE With Joe | Monday 11th May

This is the link to Monday but you should be able to access the rest of the week via this link too!

#ThisIsPE - Coordination with ball skills Darren Huart has six years experience as a PE teacher, and today he talks you through games for coordination with ball skills.

#ThisIsPE - Footwork patterns Kids need to learn how to be nimble on their feet, and this 'footwork patterns' game from experienced PE teacher, Alex Ogden,...

#ThisIsPE - Throwing for accuracy Get the washing basket out, grab some pots from the kitchen and find some soft things to throw, like teddy bears! An easy to ...

#ThisIsPE - Rock and roll gymnastics These activities will help develop your child's coordination, balance and strength, which is an important part of their devel...

#ThisIsPE - Balloon blasting Ryan Ellis from The PE Umbrella shows you a fun game you can do at home with your child that will develop their hand-eye coor...

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