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Today we will be looking at algorithms. These are instructions used by computer programs to help them complete a task. We have to make sure an algorithm is correct! I have set you a To Do on Purple Mash, or you can access it by clicking here. Can you make sure the instructions for the sandwich are correct?


1. Talk about what a recipe is. What is included in a recipe? Why do we need them?

2. Open the ‘Wrong Sandwich’ activity. There is a gallery of photos accessed by clicking on the green crosses . The algorithm is not very good, so a robot making the sandwich would probably make some mistakes. Can pupils suggest which ‘wrong’ photos could occur?

• Instruction 2 does not say to spread the butter on the bread; there is a photo of the butter spread on the plate.

• Instruction 3 does not say to cut slices of cheese; there is a photo of the whole block of cheese on the bread.

• Instruction 4 does not say to put the top piece of bread butter-side down; there is a photo with the butter-side up on top.

• Instruction 5 does not say how to cut up the sandwich; there is a photo of a haphazardly cut-up sandwich

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