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Coral Learning - Updated 02.07.24

Volcano and Earthquake Day 

What an amazing day we have had finding out all about volcanoes and earthquakes.

Take a look at what we got up to.

World Book Day - Let's love reading. 

Our Masks

Our Roman trip to St Albans Cathedral

Chocolate workshop

As part of our topic on the Maya, we had a chocolate workshop.  We go to make lollipops and then we had a talk about the history of chocolate.  We had a fabulous afternoon and really enjoyed everything we did - particularly taste testing!



In DT we have been making our own waterproof bags for swimming - they will hold our swim hat and goggles.



In computing we have been looking at spreadsheets on purple mash.

Maths - 12.12.23

In maths we have been learning about Perimeter.  

We made shapes using cubes and worked out their perimeter.

Maths - 19.10.23

In this maths lesson we used what we learnt about regrouping arrays and applied it to larger multiplications.  E.g. 9 X 8 we might work out 5 X 8 (40) + 4 X 8 (32) therefore 9 X 8 = 72

Maths - 18.10.23

In this maths lesson we were building arrays and then regrouping them.  We then wrote our number sentences to show our regroupings.  E.G.  4 X 6 could be regrouped into 2 X 6 + 2 X 6 = 24


Here are our finished clay structures that we have created in the style of Marisol Escobar.


In art we have been using clay to create structures in the style of Marisol Escobar.  Here we are painting our clay structures.


In this science lesson we created our own switches using paperclips, split pins and paper.

We all managed to create switches that controlled whether our bulbs or buzzers came on.

We learnt that a switch either opens a circuit so the bulb or buzzer won't work or closes a circuit so the bulb or buzzer do work.


In science we have been learning about electricity. 

This week we made simple circuits tin order to make a light bulb come on. 

Some of us even managed to get 2 light bulbs to come on at once and then we tried to add a switch too.

We all had a great time.

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