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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. Value of the Month - EMPATHY & THANKFULNESS

Coral Learning

                     We are Team Coral

We decided to take maths outside this morning! We have been learning about perimeter and created lots of different size rectangles before calculating the perimeter of each one.

We have a visitor! 

We were so lucky to receive a special email from Father Christmas himself last week who told us that he was sending a very mischievous elf to us to look after for December! Penelope Sparkles spent all day on Monday causing mischief and we finally found her causing trouble in the cupboard! We’re in for an interesting month!

Our TTRS champions this week on 27/11/2020. Well done Rhys and Maha, you guys rock!

We noticed that Jack Frost had come to visit overnight so took our books outside and drew all of the lovely patterns we could see. We made sure we wrapped up warm but it was so cold that we could see our breath!

We had lots of fun in DT this week. We have been learning about healthy foods and the Mediterranean diet. This week, we were able to make and taste our very own hummus! We used chickpeas, garlic oil, tahini and water. It tasted delicious! 

We had a great time exploring our nature area as the autumn leaves fall! There are so many beautiful colours, we decided to sketch some of our favourite leaves and thought carefully about the textures of the leaves and trees.
We had a great day designing and making our very own glove puppets! We used lots of skills like sewing, cutting and gluing and had great fun retelling stories using our characters!
We have been learning about poetry and had the opportunity to perform 'Overheard on the Saltmarsh' by Harold Munro. The poem has two characters - a nymph and a goblin. We thought carefully about how each character would sound and act and worked with a partner to perform this to the rest of the class.
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