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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


The National Curriculum is established by the government, and is followed by schools throughout the country. The National Curriculum sets out:
• the subjects that are taught in school
•   the knowledge, skills, and understanding required in each subject
•   the standards or attainment targets in each subject, which teachers use to measure progress and plan pupils’ next steps
• how progress is assessed and reported.


Within the National Curriculum framework, schools are free to plan the teaching and learning of pupils in whatever way best meets the needs of the pupils. At Galley Hill, we endeavour to provide the children with an engaging and enjoyable curriculum which is broad and balanced. We strive to deliver the curriculum using a variety of different approaches, including off-site visits and themed learning to help stimulate their curiosity. We teach learning skills alongside the curriculum content as these are the skills that will equip them for life in the 21st century. We supplement their learning through half termly 'learning to learn' days where a topic area is covered alongside the promotion of a particular learning skill or skills. Our children respond very positively to learning in this way.


At Galley Hill, English; Maths; Computing; Religious Education (RE); Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE), Music and French are taught as separate subjects. Other subjects,  History, Geography, Science, Art and Design and Technology, are taught using topic work.


Alongside these National Curriculum subjects, we commit some of our learning time to the development of pupil well-being and emotional intelligence as we consider these to be essential aspects for our children to develop into well-rounded young people equipped for adult life.


Galley Hill provides a variety of reading schemes to suit the needs and interests of our pupils, we believe children need to experience a range and variety of books. Our schemes include: Project X Alien Adventures, Bug Club Comics for Phonics, Phonics Books Moon Dogs, Totem and Alba, Oxford Reading Tree and Wolf Hill.


Phonics are taught using letters and Sounds phonic programme including the use of Bug Club, Songbirds, Floppy's Phonics, Rapid and Rapid Phonics.


For more information on the curriculum see our prospectus or the Curriculum Policy.

Other Curriculum Resources

Learning to learn day. Outside learning. The whole school spent the day outside taking part in many different learning opportunities.

Learning to learn day. Science. The whole school used our reasoning framework and science wheel to carrying out science investigations. Reception investigated how a car can travel fast and which items float or sink?

Learning to learn day. Reception are using our reasoning framework to learn. We are learning about Diwali.

Great Britain Day 


As part of our school priorities, we are working on developing reasoning across the curriculum. The staff have worked together to devise our own 'reasoning framework' which we will be using the develop the concept with the children. We used our Great Britain day themes to launch some of the ideas. The children came to school dressed in red, white and blue and a whole range of exciting activities took place in classes across the school...

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