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Friday 22nd

Hello time and calendar with Mrs Parsons

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We have a little challenge.  We would love to have the children sing our hello song and days of the week.  So if your child would like to sing our morning songs and if you could post them on tapestry and then we can put them on our class page.  It would be lovely! 


  • Today we are going to continue our learning about rhyme!
  • We have a very funny story! Hope you enjoy it! 
  • We also have a game called Odd one out! (Please note it is a PDF but you do not need to print it!).  

Oi Duck Billed Platypus! Read by Mrs Parsons

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Rhyming game: Odd one out!

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Drawing with Shapes


Today we are going to be drawing with the shapes we have learnt about this week.

What picture can you make? Use your amazing imagination! 

Shape drawing

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Healthy Fruit Kebab

Today we are going to make healthy kebabs. Make sure you wash your hands and clean the table before you make them, don’t worry if you don’t have a skewer, you can make a healthy fruit salad in a bowl. 

Design a kebab

You could also design and draw your own kebab, don’t forget to use your froggy fingers when you’re using your pencil and pens.

You could put anything on your kebab, be creative!

This one doesn’t have to be just fruit! 


Healthy kebab

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Story Time

Today’s story with Mrs Swaine is The Smartest GIANT in Town!

The Smartest GIANT in Town

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