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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'

Friday 29th

Sing along with ‘C’!

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Sing along with ‘C’s days of the week song!

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  • When you go for a walk today, can you have a go at counting the cars? 
  • You could have a go at completing a survey (see below). 
  • How many vehicles can you find? 
  • You could talk about the different vehicles, the colours, how big they are?  


  • Today we are going to have some more fun with shapes! 
  • I thought we could create some amazing pictures using our recycling and paint!
  • Can you find different shapes in your recycling, a circle, a square, maybe a rectangle?
  • Can you dip it paint and create a picture?

Have fun creating your masterpieces and don’t forget to put them on Tapestry so we can see them! 

Shape printing

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If you don’t have paint at home you could use flour, shaving foam or salt maybe?

Alternative Shape printing

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Today I thought we could make tracks with our vehicle?  Mrs Swaine has explored the different tracks her vehicles make.  

  • What tracks do you think your vehicles will make?
  • Are all the vehicle tracks the same?
  • Will they be wide or thin?
  • Will there be one track or two?


Before you try your vehicle in paint, have a guess to see what you think might happen?

We can’t wait to see what you find out! 

Vehicle tracks

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Story time 

Today’s story with Mrs Swaine is ‘I’m not scared!’

I’m not scared!

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