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Activities for Friday 8th January


LO: To predict what might happen from details stated and implied.

Success Criteria:

  • Use text to infer characters behaviour and actions.
  • Justify reasoning
  • Explain  what predicting is
  • Refer to the text for evidence


Read chapter 3

Is Michael going to survive?

How do you know?

How do you think he will survive?

Discuss characters and events to make predictions.


Write a prediction using these questions as prompts

1. Where was the yacht when Michael fell overboard? Where had it been and where would it go next?

2. Which other character has been mentioned who sounds important but that the reader has not yet met? How is this person linked to the story?

3. What about Stella? What do we know about her? What can we predict might happen to her?


Share their predictions.


Maybe even have a phone call with one of your friends?




Send them a message ?



Go to the Guided Reading section on the Remote Learning Homepage.

Pick a comprehension of choice and complete =]

Remember, each comprehension has different difficulties along with the answers =]



LO – To explore improper fractions and mixed numbers


On the Remote Learning Homepage I have added many different websites all about fractions. They are well worth the watch! Alternatively, Google the Learning Objective =]


There are 3 different challenges for today’s work. Pick a challenge you are most comfortable with. Or even pick and choose questions for any of the challenges. Answers are there =]



For today’s lesson (Creating nouns using –ity suffix)

  • Pyramid writing
  • Rainbow write
  • Blue vowels
  • Bubble writing
  • Graffiti style
  • Or another method of your choice




For P.E. there are a number of activities that you can chose from doing.

  • Joe Wicks is starting his Lockdown workouts again (as of next week though)
  • Complete an exercise or 2 on FitterFuture (if you need your logins again, please email the class address)
  • Just Dance – especially Rave in the Grave – Love that one! <3
  • Yoga for kids
  • Or alternatively, go on a run or a bike ride – however please stick to government guidelines!



Go to the ‘Woodlands’ section on the Remote Learning Homepage.

Pick an activity and enjoy =]

Can’t wait to see what you guys pick and do!

If there are any activities you really enjoy doing whilst Home Learning, we can do again when back at school =]




Great start to Home Learning Guys!

Have a lovely weekend! <3

~ Team Year 5 ~


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