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Email Challenge of the Day:

Your challenge today is to send us a picture on an email. This can be a picture of you, something you've done or made this week or just something you'd like to show us.

Make sure you check with your adult before sending anything.


Identify the rhyming couplets in these different poems.


Can you write your own rhyming couplet? REMEMBER - the words at the end of the line must rhyme!

Today we are moving on to the symmetry of 2D shapes. Again feel free to pause, rewind and watch again any of the videos and teaching pdf's. We hope you have fun playing the game, you could even send us a photo or video.

Log onto your Rising Stars account and access one of the reading books that has been allocated to you. Aim to read for at least 15 minutes. Once you have finished the book you can take the quiz!

If you are unsure on how to access your allocated books, see the note on the Year 3 Class Page:


For your Art learning today, you are going to be becoming FASHION DESIGNERS.

For this lesson you will need:

- a magazine or newspaper (or find some pictures on the internet).

- a piece of paper.

- glue

- scissors

- pens and pencils


See the lesson screens below.

The lesson screens share a link to this video about Christian Dior:

Weekend Homework Challenge:

Have a go at doing some cooking this weekend.

Find a recipe (we've given some ideas below) and get cooking!

Make sure you check everything with an adult before hand and they help you when using anything sharp or hot.


Send us some pictures or tell us about the final product via email!

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