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Please make sure that you read every day to an adult and discuss the text.

You could read anything from your house - books, comics, cereal packets, tv subtitles.

Don't forget that you have access to Rising Stars reading planet where you will find the same books that we normally send home (this will be another way for us to know that you are engaging with school work).  If you have forgotten your log in details then please do get in touch.

You could also have a go at the reading challenges we posted here:  - can you tick them all off by the time we return to school?



Look through these phonics sheets.  

Think about the different ways in which 'c' can be pronounced.

Then read the sentence to your adult - identify the 'c' word.

Now your adult will read you a sentence.  Have a go at writing that sentence using your phonics knowledge to help you.

You DO NOT need to print this sheet, you can complete your work on a whiteboard (just like we do in Phonics lessons) or into your book.


Today we are learning about the present progressive tense - this is something new so don't worry if you find it a bit tricky.

Have a look through the English Friday PDF document.  You could go back to wednesday and rewatch the traction man story if you would like to.  

Your activity is included within the slides.

Don't forget to start each sentence with a capital letter and include the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence.


You can find more information here:



Today in maths we are building upon our learning and looking at Pictograms.

Look through the Friday Maths PDF slides.

When you reach the activity page you will need to choose the activity you think is the most suitable level for you and then open the 'Maths Task' document to see the task in detail, if you are able to print then you will also need the 'Maths fruit for pictogram' document.  If you cannot print then you can just draw the fruit into your book.

If you are using squared paper you no longer need to draw a margin (yay!) but you must write only 1 digit or 1 symbol per square please.


Today you are going to be learning about 'Safe searching'.  This is particularly relevant given our current situation as you may be using the internet more often to help you with your learning.

Open the document where you will find all the instructions you need to complete the task.

You will need to use purple mash:

If you cannot remember your purple mash log in then please do get in touch.


DT (Design Technology)

Today we are starting a new DT unit.  

We will be learning about different foods and where they come from (and I don't just mean Tesco!).

Start by looking through the DT Friday PDF Slides.  There is a link to a BBC video all about where food comes from so make sure you watch this too (Maddie is very interesting).

Your task is explained within the slides but you will need to look at the DT Task PDF.  

If you are unable to print the task then you can handwrite your food-chains straight onto your paper.

Think carefully as some of the chains can be a bit tricky.



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