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45 mins – 60 mins


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30 mins - 45 mins

Activities for Friday 15th January


LO: To build cohesion across paragraphs.


Success Criteria:

First person

Chronological order

Informal language

Time adverbials and conjunctions

Past tense

Finish read chapter 4


Diary entry – first day on the island


Go to the Guided Reading section on the Remote Learning Homepage.

Pick a comprehension of choice and complete =]

Remember, each comprehension has different difficulties along with the answers =]



LO – To compare fractions using visual models


Today’s lesson will show you just how effective seeing something visually can help you out a lot!

Go through the screens and multiple examples of greater than, less than and equal to. (> < =)


Cut up the fractions and the visual models individually. Or write the fraction and draw it!

Match the fraction to the visual model

Then, pick to of the fractions randomly and say whether the fraction is < > or =

The lesson is for the children to use their exploratory skills to compare the fractions


I know (this fraction) is greater than/ less than (this fraction) because……


Spelling test!

Either have someone read the Dictation Document below or listen to my beautiful voice =]

If you can write out the whole sentence, fantastic,

but if not, its not the end of the world =]



For P.E. there are a number of activities that you can chose from doing.

  • Joe Wicks is starting his Lockdown workouts again (as of next week though)
  • Complete an exercise or 2 on FitterFuture (if you need your logins again, please email the class address)
  • Just Dance – especially Rave in the Grave – Love that one! <3
  • Yoga for kids
  • Alternatively, go on a run or a bike ride – however please stick to government guidelines!
  • Or, Curriculum P.E. Lessons – uploaded onto Remote Learning Homepage



Go to the ‘Woodlands’ section on the Remote Learning Homepage.

Pick an activity and enjoy =]

Can’t wait to see what you guys pick and do!

If there are any activities you really enjoy doing whilst Home Learning, we can do again when back at school =]




Have a lovely weekend! <3

~ Team Year 5 ~


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