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45 mins – 60 mins


30 mins


45 mins – 60 mins


15 – 30 mins


45 mins – 60 mins


30 mins - 45 mins

Activities for Friday 5th February



LO: To develop an understanding of how to use formal conjunctions.

Success Criteria:

Use And formal conjunctions

Use But formal conjunctions

Use causal formal conjunctions

FOR REMOTE LEARNING: Complete Oak Academy Lesson


(They then do not need to do what’s on this plan/screens)


What is a conjunction? What types of conjunctions are there?

Go through formal conjunctions and the 3 types – ‘and’, ‘but’ ‘causal’


Load the link


Watch the videos


Complete the activies



Go to the Guided Reading section on the Remote Learning Homepage.

Pick a comprehension of choice and complete =]

Remember, each comprehension has different difficulties along with the answers =]



For the next 3 lessons you are going to be completing actual test questions on fractions.

Only answer questions 1-7



Spelling test!

Either have someone read the Dictation Document below or listen to my beautiful voice =]

If you can write out the whole sentence, fantastic,

but if not, its not the end of the world =]



For P.E. there are a number of activities that you can chose from doing.

  • Joe Wicks is starting his Lockdown workouts again (as of next week though)
  • Complete an exercise or 2 on FitterFuture (if you need your logins again, please email the class address)
  • Just Dance – especially Rave in the Grave – Love that one! <3
  • Yoga for kids
  • Go on a run or a bike ride – however please stick to government guidelines!
  • Or, Curriculum P.E. Lessons – uploaded onto Remote Learning Homepage
  • Finally, Miss Surety has created a page called ‘Weekly P.E. Challenges with Miss Surety’ – check that out!



Go to the ‘Woodlands’ section on the Remote Learning Homepage.

Pick an activity and enjoy =]

Can’t wait to see what you guys pick and do!

If there are any activities you really enjoy doing whilst Home Learning, we can do again when back at school =]




Have a lovely weekend! <3

~ Team Year 5 ~


Spelling Homophones TEST

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