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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. 'Value of the Month - 'RESPONSIBILITY'


Daily Timetable:



30 mins


45 – 60 mins


30 mins


45 – 60 mins


45 – 60 mins


30 mins



For PE on Friday's we will be re-looking at PE with Joe so lets have a quick re-cap of what his workouts were like. Remember you can also use this time to go for a run or a walk with a family member.

English Lesson

Holes Chapter 31/32

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English Lesson Resources

Today in maths, we are going to be looking at translating shapes. Click the link below to take you to the video:

Guided Reading

Focus: To make predictions using information from the text.

You will find out in the next part of the chapter what all the secrecy has been about.  Complete the activity on Purple mash to identify what each magical object does and how it works. 

POM Chapter 2 Pg29-32

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Design Technology:

This week you will be learning more about where food comes from - this links in well with our work on Rationing last week.

You need to take a look at the PowerPoint document below to find out more.  I have also attached an interesting link about how 'Dig for Victory' was used to encourage people to grow their own food when it was in short supply during the war.  There are replica documents that were used during the war which advised people how to grow their own.  


Activity: Look at some information and make your own poster encouraging people to 'Dig for Victory'.


Your main focus is design technology: cooking.

Your recipe for this week is: Trifle.  Please see the recipe PDF below.

The aim is that you try to follow the recipe as independently as possible, this should include making the jelly and measuring the correct amount of water, and following the steps carefully.  


If you do not have the things to make a trifle or would like to make something different at home, the focus of the learning is that you should: follow the recipe with independence and combine and measure ingredients.


We would love to see some pictures of all of your yummy makes! 



Did you know spending time outdoors in nature is good for you? It’s true! Being around trees and wildlife can boost your mood and reduce stress, and that's something we could all benefit from right now. Getting active outside is a great way to improve your family’s fitness too.

If you have a garden, there’s plenty of fun you can have in it during winter. In England, you’re also allowed to exercise outside once a day in your local area.


Make a sound map from your front door or local green space: 

Mark yourself in the middle of the sound map. Find a spot and stand or sit still (This can be in a garden or by a door/window). Stay still for a short while (try 5 minutes) and start to listen to what is making sound around you. Mark on the card the sounds you can hear and where they are coming from, for example there may be a stream behind you, sheep in a field in front of you, birds singing above and to your side. Be still and quiet and really focus on sounds you can hear. You can draw, write or colour the sounds you can hear around you.


Here are a list of websites that suggest fabulous ideas to help you and your family get outside!

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