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Email Challenge of the Day:

Send us an email to tell us something that you've got planned for your weekend. We can't wait to hear from you!


Look at the Powerpoint and review how the present perfect tense works when used in a sentence. Choose your challenge from the options below and then find the worksheet listed below. Only one worksheet needs to be completed.

Challenge 1: Worksheet 1 star - Sorting sentences 'I can separate the present perfect from the simple past'


Challenge 2: Worksheet 2 stars - Sorting sentences 'I can separate the present perfect from the simple past'


Challenge 3: Worksheet 3 stars - Sorting sentences 'I can separate the present perfect from the simple past'


Log onto your Rising Stars account and access one of the reading books that has been allocated to you. Aim to read for at least 15 minutes. Once you have finished the book you can take the quiz!

If you are unsure on how to access your allocated books, see the note on the Year 3 Class Page:

Today we would like you to choose 2 words from each of the spelling rules learnt this week. Once you have chosen your 8 words, write each one in a sentence on a line in your book. Start a new line for each new word. Look at my example below.

Here are my 8 chosen words









My sister pushed the trolley round the supermarket, while I rode inside.

We are still focusing on angles today. This time we are sorting a range of angles from an image. Look through the teaching screens and try the tangram task. Remember you can look at these as many times as you like before deciding which chilli challenge to complete.


For our Science learning today we will begin learning about LIGHT.

We are going to do an investigation to find out about light and dark.

See the resources below for your learning.

Complete the activities in the order that they are listed. :)


The Whizzer Wheel activity (listed below) is an additional, optional activity to complete after the learning.

Science - Light - Lesson 1 - Powerpoint 1

Still image for this video

Science - Light - Lesson 1 - Powerpoint 2

Still image for this video

Weekend Homework Challenge:

See if you can find any empty toilet or kitchen rolls and have a go at making a little house! 

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