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We have now spent the week building up our knowledge of the ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story and representing parts of the story through pictures and key words. Look at the pictures of our story map we created together. For the last day of literacy this week we will be writing in more length; having a go at writing a caption or sentence. Remind the children that a sentence begins with a capital and so does their name. Watch the video (Tapestry only) where Miss Edmonds model writes the children’s ideas and then encourage your child to write their own words, captions, sentences. We would love to see what they write so please share it with us, even if it’s only ‘pig’.


Maths: we will continue with additions. As you can see in the video, we can use anything to add and we can record it in the number sentences. Today we will use the dominoes tiles as they give us two numbers. Have a go yourself. You can make your own numbered dominoes tiles 👍


Following on from 'Who am I' game yesterday we thought you might like to have a go at drawing your own animal. Draw with Rob is very popular and I even tried an Elf at Christmas!  Can you think of some clues to describe the snake for someone else to guess, e.g. it hisses, this animal is long, it lays eggs.

Here is the link to an interactive version of 'The Three little pigs'  can you have a go at drawing a picture of the three pigs and their houses? Which house do you think was the best and why?


Art at home: This is a simple, fine motor threading activity using straws and cardboard tubes.
To do this activity you will need: cardboard tubes, straws (or sticks), hole puncher, scissors. Depending on the capability of your child, ask them to punch holes into the cardboard tubes using the hole puncher. Using a hole puncher is really great for fine motor development. It strengthens the smaller muscles in the fingers and palm of the hand. Important for when they are learning to write with a pencil or draw. No hole puncher, no worries- adult can use the scissors (ONLY ADULTS!).
Present them with the straws and ask them to thread them through the holes in the cardboard tube. In one side and out the other. They begin to look a little like crazy and colourful spiders after awhile. This activity does open itself up to challenging your child and their problem solving skills. I discovered that I needed to bend the end of the straw to stop them from slipping out. What can the children learn while doing this activity? Share with us.



Remember that everyone is in different circumstances so only do what you can and as always, any questions or anything we can support you with, please send us an email:


Have a wonderful weekend! Keep smiling and be good!
Missing you all

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