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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'


Hi Reception children and parents,
First of all, we wanted to say what a fantastic week we all had. All that exciting things you have been doing at home and helping us to look after the egg, making wanted poster, writing the letters to Her Majesty The Queen. What a busy week. Thank you for all your hard work and amazing pictures (Parents included). See more fantastic work that you shared with us.


The plan for today is VERY eggciting! 🤩🤫
Something is going to happen with the dragon egg! 🤫🤔😉 Be patient 👌

Dragon hatching...


Phonics: Today we will have a go at writing some Phase 4 words so make sure you have something to write with to join in. You can play your own game of Space Race on the phonics play website, here is the link:  The login details are: username: jan21 password: home

Then have a go at Mrs Prince’s balloon phonics game and make up your own using tricky words, high frequency words and sounds we learnt so far.


Watch the literacy lesson first to see the egg hatching and finish your letter to the Queen asking for her help.

Later in the day (or the next day if your child hasn’t had time to write and post their letter) watch the final video on this post (the one with the black screen.) In this video you will see what happened to the cracking egg, and we even get a reply from the Queen!


Maths: another busy day for us and it is all about.....🤔 have been experts at size this week! In our final day of size we look at measuring height. Help Miss Edmonds order the objects and then have a go at measuring and placing the people in your family in the correct order. Height means when we are looking at how tall the things are.


We can’t believe it is Friday already and the weekend for all to relax.
We have loved all your work this week everyone!
Have a lovely weekend 😊🤩😊🤩

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