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Email Challenge of the Day:

Send us an email telling us what you're planning to do over the weekend.


Today, we are learning to summarise the main ideas from a text.

To summarise, means to give a brief explanation of the main points of a story.

For today's activity, you are going to be focusing on the fable 'The Tortoise and The Hare'. Using the pictures, you are going to sequence the story and then add sentences to each picture to summarise.

English lesson Friday 5.2.21


Log onto your Rising Stars and access one of the reading books that has been allocated to you. Aim to read for at least 15 minutes. Once you have finished the book you can take the quiz!

If you are unsure on how to access your allocated books, see the note on the Year 3 Class Page:


OR you can sign up to Oxford Owl and read books yourself there.

An adult will need to set up a free account using their email address and then create a password.

Follow this link to set up an account on Oxford Owl:

Our maths learning today is all about being able to read a bar chart and to answer questions.Watch the first video and then move onto the Oak Academy link. You can choose to watch from the beginning if you want to recap our learning from over the week or if you feel confident with bar charts you can skip to 4 minutes 56 seconds in. The third option is to look through the slides below the main video lesson.

watch from 2 minutes in

Students will learn how to read and understand vertical and horizontal bar graphs.


For our Science learning today, we are continuing our learning about light. We will be focusing on learning how to protect ourselves and stay safe in the sun.

Have a look at the lesson screens below and then gather your information by writing notes in a book or using the templates provided below.

Science - Lesson 4

Still image for this video

Weekend Homework Challenge:

See if you can make your very own fish tank out of a cardboard box.

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