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English Lesson

L.O - To use persuasive devices.

Today will be our last day on persuasion.  You have learnt all about the different types of language you should use to persuade including: persuasive openers, conjunctions to give reasons and justify answers as well as emotive language that makes your reader feel a particular way.


Today you will use the first person recounts from Wednesday about evacuation to write a letter home as an evacuee.  You should use persuasive language to encourage your parents/carers to leave you in the countryside.  There is a planning grid (or you can use it as a writing frame) and a list of World War 2 slang. Remember - WW2 was over 70 years ago - people spoke differently.  My favourite one is 'tickety boo' which means everything is OK!


Remember, as always, to try your best with basic skills!  Your formal persuasive letters earlier in the week were great!!



Guided Reading

Today we are going to focus again on vocabulary.  In your work today, you will look at each section of the poem and identify it's theme and atmosphere/effect.  

Challenge - if you are inspired by the poem, why not try writing your own poem about a solar eclipse or another natural phenomenon- you could write it from a different perspective.

Topic Lesson Video

Still image for this video

Audio From the Past [E09] - WW2 - Air Battle at Dover with Charles Gardner (1940)

On the 14th of July 1940, the Battle of Britain rages on. As violent dogfights occur over the English Channel, BBC reporter Charles Gardner reports on an enc...



For PE on Friday's we will be re-looking at PE with Joe so lets have a quick re-cap of what his workouts were like. Remember you can also use this time to go for a run or a walk with a family member.

See if you can get outdoors for today's maths lesson. The last before we are back in school! I'm so excited to see you all on Monday! Have fun with this activity. 



Did you know spending time outdoors in nature is good for you? It’s true! Being around trees and wildlife can boost your mood and reduce stress, and that's something we could all benefit from right now. Getting active outside is a great way to improve your family’s fitness too.


If you have a garden, there’s plenty of fun you can have in it during SPRING. In England, you’re also allowed to exercise outside once a day in your local area.


Activity: Barefoot Walk

Identify a short pre-determined route. This could be a pathway over grass, along a wooded area, behind bushes or even a pop up trail on tarmac Incorporate a series of different surfaces en route such as: bark mulch; rounded gravel, fir cones; sand; pebbles; long grass; leaf litter and not forgetting some mud! Make sure you clear away any hazards!


The concept of the barefoot trail can be traced back to a Bavarian priest, Sebastian Kneipp, who believed that walking barefoot in the snow or over dew had therapeutic properties. There are now many barefoot parks across Germany enjoyed by all. Walking barefoot does train the muscles of the foot arches and therefore helps to avoid flat feet and can counteract transferred pain to the back, knees or hips. Moreover going barefoot is a great health and wellbeing activity encouraging you to relax, improve your physical awareness and be more mindful of the sensations that you are experiencing in the moment.


Here are a list of websites that suggest fabulous ideas to help you and your family get outside!

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