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Homework: 18th June

Children should now all have their scripts for the play. They should be learning lines to support the play rehersals and learning the song words.  If they have a solo part in a song these should be the songs they learn first.  If they are not singing a solo then practising song 3 and 4 is the focus for this week.


To support them with learning their lines, reading through as the other characters can be very helpful along with getting them to shout their lines from another room to ensure that their voices carry!  


We will be sending out further information regarding costumes etc next week.

Homework 11th June 2021.

As we are now in the final half term of Year 6, we will be asking the children to focus their homework efforts on learning lines and song words for their play.  This will have to be recorded again this year due to restrictions around larger gatherings.

Please find the link below for the songs in the play.  We would like the children to learn the first and last song (1 and 8) both the words and the tune! Once parts are allocated next week, they will also have scripted lines to learn also. 

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