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Today’s halving activity:


- Write even numbers 2-20 on pieces of paper and hide them in a bag or box.

- Get your child to pull a piece of paper out and read the number to you.

- Now they can build a tower with that number of bricks.

- Ask your child: “how can we half of this tower?” Allow your child time to have a go at problem solving and modelling their ideas to you.

- Now explain breaking the tower in half. Get your child to do this.

- Ask them “how do we know it is in half”. Again allow them time to explain it to you.

- Now show them that you need to count each half to make sure they have the same amount of bricks. 

- Repeat activity giving less support each time. 

Post your tower halving activity on Tapestry for the teachers to see. 


(If you don’t have bricks/Lego/blocks at home then make a ‘snake’ and line objects along the floor - or get creative!)

Halving tower challenge cards

Halving tower challenge cards 1
Halving tower challenge cards 2
Halving tower challenge cards 3
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