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Monday 4th


To solve a riddle

What is a riddle? Look up what a riddle is and how you would recognise one. What do you notice about the language in a riddle? What punctuation does it use? How many lines is a riddle?

With your parent’s permission you can watch these clips from the Hobbit. The film is a 12A but there is nothing of concern in the clip it merely shows Gollum and Bilbo giving each other riddles.

You will be trying to solve some riddles. Start with the What Am I? riddles and then move onto the Hobbit riddles for a challenge.


You can check the answers yourself or send your guesses to your teacher.



Today in Maths, you will be reviewing what a fraction is and how to colour in a fraction of an amount. There is a PowerPoint for you to go through first then questions for you to work through.

If you get through all that and would like a challenge have a go at completing the quarters and halves activity where you’ll need to think about fractions and its link to decimals.

If you would like to practise your times table use TTRS. 



Complete the ‘Care of a Cat’ reading comprehension activity. There are three levels for you to choose from you decide which one gives you the correct level of challenge. 1 star is accessible for everyone, 2 stars is a little tricky and 3 stars is challenging. 



Today for art, we would like to give you a creative challenge. We would like you to have a go at drawing some of the Greek gods but we would like you to draw them as modern celebrities. For instance Ares was big and imposing so how about The Rock? Aphrodite was all about love and romance so you might choose Taylor Swift. Or another god associated with bringing love Cupid you might choose John Legend instead.

To help with this here is a link to simple line drawings of celebrities. You have a go at drawing their face on top of the body of a Greek god.

I have included some pictures of the Greek Gods to help!



For Science you have two options. I have included a document of seven experiments based around sound which you should be able to complete using things around the home. You can choose as many as you want to try and see if you learn something new about sound.

Alternatively, I am challenging you to make a pair of ear muffs. You will need to make something that will stay on your head, without you holding it, and blocks as much sound as possible. Make a plan, test your design and improve your project following some testing.

Have a mind-blowing Monday!


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