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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'


Good morning everyone

I hope you managed to access this page easily enough.


We are back to our normal routine this week so today you will be learning:





Reading with an adult





We are revisisting the phase 3 sounds this week so continuing to practise reading and writing these. The first sound of the week we will be looking at is: ng.


You can start your phonics session by watching Miss Edmonds' video on Youtube (please ignore date said on video) here is the link:


Once you have watched the video see if you can think of some words that have the ng sound in them e.g. long/strong/ping. If your child needs a challenge get them to write words with the ing sound at the end e.g. fishing/peeping/jumping.


Then write a caption using one of the words they have written, e.g: I can see a dog jumping.




This week we are starting the topic pirates. To start the week off we will be reading the story 'Pirates love underpants'. Watch the Youtube video of this story being read here is the link:

After the video discuss the story with your child. Here are some key questions for the discussion: What kind of characters are pirates? What do they like? What are they looking for?



We are starting our Maths this week with our number of the week. This week our number is 17. For this you can open the powerpoint attached or follow these tasks.

- Write number 17 for your child, get them to copy it.

- What numbers do we write next to each other for 17?

- Can they find 17 on a number line? What number comes before/after?

- Find 17 things around the house.

- Make 17 with fingers using yours and their hands together.




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