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Spelling: This week we are going to look at how to apply the rules when using the el, le and al suffixes.  

You have learnt about all of the different endings on their own but now you need to know which one to use.


Learn to use suffixes -le -al -el

Listen to this song to help you remember the rules and the exception to the rule!

Complete the worksheet activity to test your knowledge. You can watch the video several times if it helps!  You do not need to print it off, you can simply just write the correctly spelt word into your book.  You could write it in a sentence.

English - Last week we started to look at the poet Michael Rosen.  Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading his poetry and finding out about his life and inspiration.  This week we are going to focus on one specific poem and thinking about how we can write our own in the style of Michael Rosen.


Learning Focus: To present and perform poetry effectively.

Below is a copy of the poem 'Don't' by Micheal Rosen as well as the link to the reading by Micheal Rosen.  Today, you are going to watch how he performs the poem and use this to help you echo read the poem and perform it at home.  Remember, when you echo read a poem you need to listen to each line and then repeat it in the same way, speed, tone and with the same pauses as the reader. 

Think about: Where does he emphasise certain words? Where does he pause?  What speed is he talking? Is he talking loudly/quietly?  What is the rhythm in his performance? 

Activity: To learn the first 2 verses (or more) or the poem using echo reading techniques.  You can use the written poem so that you can text mark it if that helps you.  We would love for you to send a video or voice clip of your reading to show us how you got on.

Don't | POEM | Kids Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

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