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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. Galley Hill rated GOOD by Ofsted. Value of the Month - PERSEVERANCE


Spelling: For the next two weeks we will be learning about homophones.  A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another but is spelt differently.  Today we are going to focus on there, their and they’re. Begin by watching the video below and then look at the PowerPoint. 

When to Use They're, Their, or There: Using Homophones for Kids - FreeSchool

Now try the activity below.  Write out each sentence using the correct homophone.  Remember to use capital letters and full stops. 

English: This week we are going to focus on reading skills Year 3!  We will be using an online book called Dick Whittington.  Each day, you will need to read (or listen to) a certain amount of the book and then answer questions and complete a short activity.

Don't worry if the book looks a little tricky for you as it is an audio book which will read the words for you!

You will need to ask an adult to set up an account so that you can access the book.  It is FREE you do not have to put in any bank details - it also gives you access to lots of other book banded books that you can listen to or read together.


* Read chapter 1 of the story.  Don’t forget to read the ‘tricky’ words introduced in the story before you begin as it explains them for you e.g. squire.

* Respond to the text.  Try to answer in sentences where you can.  If you include the question in your answer it will save you writing out the questions! E.g. Question: Who is the main character?
Answer: The main character is called Dick Whittington.



1) What does the squire mean when he says the roads are ‘paved with gold’? (Pg7)

2) Where did he want to go? (Pg8)

3) What makes the city look ‘golden’? (Pg10)

4) It says that he ‘runs the rest of the way’ - why does he do this? What does it tell us about him? (Pg11)


* Reflect: Draw a picture of somewhere you would love to travel to.  You could draw it from your imagination or research it online to look at real life pictures!


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