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Take a couple of minutes to relax, breath and stretch.


Learning Focus: To identify likes and dislikes.

This week in topic we will be working on an art project.  This will be linked to volcanoes.


Today's lesson is to get you thinking about how artists have shown volcanoes in their own work and to think about what you like and dislike. This will be different for you all!  Some people love things that are realistic whilst others prefer more abstract, colourful work.


Below there are 10 different pieces of artwork all showing volcanoes.  Some of these are over 200 years old and some are much more recent.  Your activity today is quite a simple one.  Look through the 10 pictures. Choose the one you like the most and the one you like the least.  For each of the pictures you choose you need to complete the written activity below.


  • Explain WHY you like/dislike the picture.  What about it caught you eye and made you pick it out of the 10?
  • Look CLOSELY at the picture now.  What can you see? What is happening? (really look at the small details!)
  • Do you think the picture is REALISTIC? (looks like what it should and uses 'normal' colours you would expect)
  • Do you think the picture is ABSTRACT?  (this may mean the colours or shapes used are not what you would expect)
  • How does the picture make you feel?  Can you imagine being near the volcano? Does it seem exciting/scary/relaxed?


Share some of your ideas with someone in your house.  What do they think? Do they like the same ones as you?  If not which one is their favourite and why?

Artists Impressions of Volcanoes

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