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Spelling - Review Day

Learning Focus - to spell common homophones.

Today we will review the homophones from last week before we learn further homophones from tomorrow.  The BBC Bitesize has mini lessons for some of the homophone sets from last week.  Watch the videos and complete the little online quiz at the end.

There, their and they're:

To, too and two:

For wear, where, we're, were try writing each set into your own silly sentences to remind yourself how to use them.

English - Day 1

Learning Focus - To engage and respond to texts critically.

For the next two/three weeks we we be learning about play scripts using both Alice in Wonderland and The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. They are both very interesting texts - you might even know them already or have seen a film.


This lesson will have a mixture of links to clips you need to watch an a video tutorial to talk about what you have watched and how to complete the activity. 

1: Watch the lesson video.  It will stop you at points and ask you to watch/listen to specific links which are below.

2: Begin by watching the Disney clip.  This is not exactly the same as the book but it will give you an idea about what the 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' might have been like!  Now think about what Alice would have thought about this strange tea party!

3: Listen to or read the original Chapter 7 written by Lewis Carroll.  It is quite long so snuggle up and have a listen/read.  There are lots of strange riddles and interesting words - Alice in Wonderland was written in 1865 so 155 years ago!!

*** There is a simplified BBC retelling you can watch as well to make the story a little clearer - please watch this as well not instead of!  You need to have read/listened to the original text.***

4: Watch the activity video to see what you need to do today. 



Lesson Tutorial

Still image for this video
Watch this video. It will tell you when to pause to watch or listen to one of the links below.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Disney

Original Text from Alice in Wonderland - Ask an adult to read this with you or watch the online reading link below.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 7

Virtual Read-Aloud! We are reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Alice in Wonderland part 7: A mad tea-party

Adaptation of chapter 7


Still image for this video

Activity - To write a diary of the very strange day Alice had in Wonderland.  Use the prompts below to help you.


Dear Diary, 
Today I had the most peculiar day.  


First of all,
Then I
During the tea party,
My favourite part was when the ... 

I didn't like it when...

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