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Maths Starter!

Good Morning - Get your brains in gear by playing a game! Each game lets you pick the level and focus so you could pick multiplication or addition etc.  Try to pick something that will challenge you a little! 
Maths Frame:  

Maths - Day 1

Learning Focus: To estimate and measure length.

Today you will be estimating (making a sensible guess) the length of some things in your home and then measuring them with a ruler/tape measure.  Watch the clips below which explain how to measure using a ruler accurately and how to make sensible estimates.

Estimating - watch this BBC clip to help you with how to estimate.

Measuring Length in Centimetres

Measuring Length in Metres

Have a go at this virtual measuring game - try level 1 and 2!


Choose 6 things from your house.  Try to make sure you have lots of different sized objects. 

Step 1: Estimate the length of each item and write it down in m, cm or mm.

Step 2: Measure the object as accurately as you can and write it down.

How close were your estimates?  If you want a challenge then write some comparison sentences using the items you have measured.  E.g the paper clip is shorter than the book. 

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