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Spelling - Day 1

Learning Focus: To use the suffixes -ment, -ness and -ful.

Look at the lesson video below.  It will explain how to use a suffix and some of the rules you will need to remember.

Try out the Look Say Cover Write Check activity after you have watched the video.

Lesson Video

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Quiz activity

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Spelling Word List for this Week

English - Day 6

Learning Focus: To retrieve information from the text.


Today we will be introduced to the new book we are going to focus on to create our very own play scripts later in the week.

First you need to listen to the story.  See the video below. (There is also a slide show of the story if you would prefer to read it yourself or if you need to refer to it during today's or this weeks lessons)


Firstly - who remembers or has heard the rhyme below? Have you ever wondered what happened to the dish and the spoon when they ran away? Well here is the story of what happened! Enjoy!

Picture 1

The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon

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Activity: Look at the questions below.  You will need to refer back to the pictures in text to help you.

This activity is designed to make sure you get more familiar with the story and characters.  All of the answers are in the pictures so this is a little like a game of eye spy!  The illustrations in this book are fantastic so I wanted to take a lesson to take a closer look at them!  Write out just your answers in clear sentences.  


1) What does the cow jump over that looks like the moon?

2) How do you know the Dish and Spoon's travelling show is a success?  Try to include both the picture and the text clues!

3) What do they spend all of their money on? 

4) What is the name of the 'shady' gang they borrow money off of?

5) On the wanted poster for the Dish and Spoon - can you spot the strange wording?  One word is not what you would expect from bank robbers.

6) Look at the 'Junk Shop' pictures near the end.  Look at both the outside and inside pictures. Why would Spoon feel at home in this shop?  

CHALLENGE: Can you spot any other interesting things in the pictures? Jot them down.

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