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Maths - Day 1

Learning Focus: To understand how to find the perimeter of a shape.

Today, we will be investigating how to find the perimeter.  Begin by watching the link below. Only watch the beginning as it reviews what perimeter is.  We will watch the rest later in the week!

Math Antics - Perimeter

Watch from the beginning and STOP at 2 mins 14 seconds.

Lesson Video

Still image for this video

This is the website I have used to show you how to count the squares to find the perimeter.  Why not have a go yourself. 

You can hide the perimeter and see if you can get the right answer.  (When you change colour blocks it starts a new periemeter of the new shape so keep all your cubes the same colour for each shape)

Activity: You will need 12 squares for today's activity.  You could simply use the squares in your book and colour in 12 or you could cut squares out of some scrap paper, use square lego blocks or craft supplies.  Whatever you have in your house!

Arrange the squares to make a shape - you could start with different rectangles to begin with.  Then count the sides of each square to find the perimeter.  Remember to only count each side once - maybe put a marker on the first one. 


Try to draw out or photograph each shape you make and then write the periemeter.  

Use whatever unit you are working in e.g. squares in your book - the measurement would be ___ squares.  If you are using lego it might be how many ___ sides/blocks.  You are not meant to be using standard units of measurement yet.

An example using only 5 squares - remember to use 12!!

An example using only 5 squares - remember to use 12!! 1
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