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Mindful Minute

Take a moment to breath, stretch and relax! follow this link to find more information about the mindfulness activity. 


Music - Day 1

Learning Focus: To listen and respond to music.


This week we are going to be doing different music related activities.  To begin the week, I have chosen 3 very different songs/pieces of music for you to listen to.  We all have those songs that make us feel happy, sad or want to get up and dance!!


Listen to the pieces of music below.  For each one jot down key words and emotions that it makes you feel.  You could add colours and pictures that they bring into your mind.  Music is very different for each listener so you can't get it wrong!!


Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Forrest Gump - Feather Theme (Piano Version)

Modest Mussorgsky - Night on the Bald Mountain

Now you have listened to and responded to each piece of music.  Listen to your favourite song or piece of music.  

Write a few sentences to explain why it is your favourite and how it makes you feel.


Mrs Spooner's Favourite: 'Happy' by Farrell Williams is one of my favourite songs.  I first started listening to it when my first daughter was born.  I used to dance around the kitchen with her when she was grumpy!! It didn't always help her grumps but it is such a 'happy' song that it made me feel better!!  It still cheers me up now and I always find that it makes me tap my feet.

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