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Maths - Planning a Party!


This week you are going to plan a party.  You will have food and drink, party bags, accessories and a cake to buy! Your budget for the whole party is £150.  


As you go through the week, you will need to keep a record of how much you have spent.  You will find the total of this on Friday!

Write out the chart below into your work books and complete it as you go!


Party Purchases Total Costing                
Food and Drink (Monday/Tuesday)  
Party accessories (Wednesday)  
Party bags (Thursday)  
The Cake! (Friday)  
TOTAL party cost:  


Activity: Take a look at each food and drink item you need to buy and work out how many of each you need.  You will need to look at how many there are in each pack and then use your times tables to work out how many you need. 

You only need to complete the first column today! We we finish off the cost and left overs tomorrow. 

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