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Monday 22nd

Today’s Learning - 

  • Hello song, days of the week song, and Introduction for the week with Mrs Parsons 
  • Nursery Rhyme of the Week - Row Row Row your Boat 
  • Phonics - Mr Gumpy's Outing with Mrs Parsons
  • Maths - All about Number 6 with Mrs Parsons
  • Topic - Floating and Sinking with Mrs Swaine
  • Story time with Mrs Swaine


Other activities can be found here!


Please do not forget to keep posting your learning on Tapestry or through our class email each day! 

Hello song, days of the week and introduction to the week with Mrs Parsons!

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Nursery Rhyme of the Week: Row Row Row your boat!


This week we will be learning about Row Row Row your boat and making up our own versions!

Phonics - Mr Gumpy's Outing


  • We will be learning about water tranpsort this week.  So I thought we would start off with a story called Mr Gumpy's Outing.  
  • After we have listened to the story, we are going to have a go at making our own stick puppets.  But first we need to think about who the characters of the story are?  Can your child tell you who the characters are?
  • Characters of this story are: Mr Gumpy, dog, chickens, rabbit, pig, goat, calf, cat, sheep and children.  
  • I have attached a template that you could use or if you wanted to, you could ask your child to draw their own puppets?  Then they can cut them out and then attach them to a stick or lollipop stick.  
  • There are lots of characters in this story so your child could make their favourite only?  If you have toy farm animals you could use those for the rest of the characters.  
  • Have a go at acting out the story.  
  • Think about what happens at the beginning, middle and end.  Why does the boat topple over? 

Mrs Parsons reads Mr Gumpy’s Outing!

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Maths - All about Number 6! 


This week we are going to be thinking about number 6!  Don't forget to pause the video to follow my challenges! 


I have also attached the number blocks episode as we enjoy it so much!

Number 6

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Topic - Floating and sinking

We are going to explore floating and sinking today!

  • Floating means it will sit on top of the water.
  • Sinking means it will sink to the bottom of the water.


You will need:

  • A bowl of water, or a sink or bath filled with water
  • Different objects


What you need to do

  • Think about the objects you have, look at them and think about whether they will sink or float?
  • Once you have had a guess, plop your object one at a time into the water.
  • Was you right? Did it sink or float? 

Don’t forget to put your experiment on Tapestry later so we can see them!

Have fun!

Floating and sinking

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Story time

Story time today is Ruby Flew Too! 

Ruby flew Too!

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