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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - ' RESPECT'

Monday 25th


Hope you are looking forward to another week of remote learning.  
We hope you enjoyed the snow! ☃️ 

Don’t Forget our challenge - Send us a video of your child singing our hello song and/or Days of the week song so we can celebrate our wonderful singing! 

'E' Singing Our Hello song!

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Our challenge was accepted! Here is one of our wonderful nursery children singing our hello song for our class today!

'E' singing our Days of the week song!

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Rhyme of the Week!

Our Rhyme of the Week is 'Miss Polly had a Dolly'. Use this Mr Tumble video to learn the marathon signs for our new song.

Phonics - Kim’s Game - Vehicles

  • We learnt how to play Kim’s Game last week with shapes. So this week we thought we could play it using vehicles. 
  • Can you choose some of your vehicles, talk about them and then hide them under a cloth. Ask your grown up to take one away. 
  • Can you tell them which one is missing, can you describe it to your grown up? 
  • Have fun, don’t forget to post your pictures or videos on Tapestry!

Kim’s Game

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Today we are going to be learning about the shape Oval.

  • What does this shape remind you of?
  • How many sides does it have?
  • How many corners does it have? 
  • Can you draw an Oval?

Here’s a song about the shape Oval!


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Creating Shapes - Activity

  • Can you create a shape using things you have found in the environment? 
  • Can you make a make a square out of stones? 
  • Can you make a triangle out of sticks?
  • Can you draw a circle in the mud?
  • Can you create a rectangle out of leaves?


Lets see what amazing shapes you can make, we can’t wait to see them on Tapesty!


Shape making

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As we are going for lots of walks, it is important that we think about staying safe by the road.  
Check out this song to help us!

Activity -

Can you create your own safety poster to help to remind you to stay safe

Super Cat’s Road Safety story read by Mrs Parsons

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Story time with Mrs Trueman

Duck in a Truck read by Mrs Trueman

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