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45 mins – 60 mins

Activities for Monday 18th January


LO: to consider how authors develop characters


Success Criteria:

Use the information from the text

Descriptive language

Adjectives, adverbs, similes etc…

Read chapter 5


Character profile – Kensuke


What does Michael originally think the man is?


What does he look like? How is he dressed?

Create a character profile for Kensuke


Guided Reading on the Remote Learning Homepage

Disney Songs

Monday Tangled Day 1

Load up the PowerPoint and the lyrics. Follow the screens through your lesson =]



Today you will looking at equivalent fractions where the denominators are multiples of one another.

Basically, the bottom number in fractions are in the same times table…

You task is to use the fraction wall to write down any equivalent fractions

You will have to complete the fraction wall first though =] – any problems, Google it and there are loads of examples



For today’s lesson, ‘Word search’ the words for week 2 (Creating nouns using –ness suffix)



We are going to be looking at using Spreadsheets

Every lesson will be using PurpleMash.

Spreadsheets on the Remote Learning Homepage

Make sure you click on the correct Lesson each week.

These the exact documents that PurpleMash provide us as teachers.


This week – Lesson 2

Follow the Step by Step if easier =]



Topic – Geography

Continuing looking at Ordinance Survey maps

LO: To apply knowledge of symbols when using OS maps.


Develop map skills by redrawing a map using the correct symbols.

Success criteria:

I can explain what an OS map is

I can explain why maps use symbols

I can use a key to read a map



~ Team Year 5 ~

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