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Welcome to week 5! We're nearly there guys! Don't forget to email in as much as possible. You could let us know what you think of the class story, The Train to Impossible Places too!


Activities for Monday


To explore performance

What makes a good performance? Think about the fact that performance is so important to the audience. They have to be engaged, interested, emotionally involved.


If a performance doesn’t affect an audience in some way it needs to be improved.

 You have two drama based activities to have a go at today.


  1. Complete 5-10 of the mime cards – can people guess? Ask them what about your performance allowed them to guess.


  1. Create between one and three improvs based on the scenario cards.


You might want to record some of them for us to have a guess at.


Choose 10 words from the 3/4 word list and use them in a sentence. If you want to do a little extra you might want to do some rainbow writing, pyramid spelling, an acrostic poem or a nonsense story.  



Today in reading, we are going to continue to focus on inference. That means you will be a detective and try to work out: how people are feeling or why something happened or why someone is acting in a specific way.











In Maths, you will be looking at place value and what a digit is worth in a number. We will be mainly focusing on thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

You can work out what a digit is worth by looking at what column it is in for instance 1023 the 2 is in the tens column so it is worth 20 or 85.4 the 4 is in the tenths column so it is worth 4 tenths or 4/10.


Go through the PowerPoint for some more information and some other examples. You then have a set of tasks to do and there are some challenges and games labelled EXTENSION if you’re looking for extra.


If you want to practise your times tables why not have a go at TTRS or one of these games: 


RE, Music OR French
Have a watch of Mrs Huscroft’s videos below.


If you feel like you’re missing your friends – why not send them an email?
On PurpleMash you can use: to send messages to anyone in Year 4.


Please remember to send us any work you complete at some point during the day on either PurpleMash or through to either or


We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Team Year 4!


Please note - I put the wrong dates on the screens but they are definitely the right screens!!


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