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Email Challenge of the Day:


Send us an email telling us what you did over the weekend.


Today, we are continuing our learning about fables and looking at 'War and Peas' by Michael Foreman again.

We are learning to use conjunctions to extend and explain our ideas.

Using the pictures of food from food magazines I asked you to collect over the weekend, create your own imaginary land and write a description of it. If you haven't got any food pictures, draw your imaginary food land instead.

English lesson Monday 1.2.21

War and Peas by Michael Foreman


Log onto your Rising Stars and access one of the reading books that has been allocated to you. Aim to read for at least 15 minutes. Once you have finished the book you can take the quiz!

If you are unsure on how to access your allocated books, see the note on the Year 3 Class Page:


OR you can sign up to Oxford Owl and read books yourself there.

An adult will need to set up a free account using their email address and then create a password.

Follow this link to set up an account on Oxford Owl:

Our spelling rule this morning is focused on adding suffixes that begin with a vowel. Remember vowels are the letters a, e. i , o and u.

Suffixes 3 Song - Learn Grammar

Suffixes - part 1

Wow it is now week 5 of our remote learning. Maths this week is all about data and statistics, this means exploring tally and bar charts. We begin by looking at tally charts, their purpose and how to use them.

Reading and Adding Tally Marks


Tally Marks Song



Today, we are learning about the legacy the Romans left behind.

Many things we use today were introduced to us or improved by the Romans.

Even our spoken and written language was taught to us by the Romans!



Roman legacies Topic lesson 1.2.21


Check out Miss Surety's PE Challenges for this week!

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