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45 mins – 60 mins

Activities for Monday 22nd February


Learning Objectives / Success Criteria

Whole Class

Independent Activity

LO: To read and discuss poems.


Success Criteria: 

Give viewpoints

Read a range of poems

Descriptive language

What do you already know about poetry? What favourite poems do you have? What poets do you know? 

Discuss imagery 

Look at a range of poems by Philip Gross:

  • Dark Sky Park 
  • Aleppo Cat
  • Night Walker
  • Snow Leopard
  • Tardigrade in its Element


What is imagery? What image do each of the poems give you? 

Choose one of the poems and draw a picture of it


Guided Reading on the Remote Learning Homepage

Literacy Shed


Text, questions and answers are all on the document



Calculate and compare the area of rectangles (including squares) using standard units, square centimetres (cm2) and square metres (m2) and estimate the area of irregular shapes

In Year 4, pupils will have explored area by counting squares to find the area of rectilinear shapes. They will also have related area to arrays and multiplication and used this to discover that for rectangles you can use length x width to work out how many squares would fit inside the shape.

During this sequence, pupils will build on their understanding of area being measured in square units and they will calculate and compare the area of rectangles (including squares) using standard units, square centimetres (cm2) and square metres (m2). They will use this to calculate area from scale drawings using given measurements and to solve problems. Furthermore, pupils will develop their ability to estimate the area of irregular shapes.


LO – To develop strategies to estimate the area of irregular shapes

Follow the screens provided

But basically, you are working out the area of a shape by counting the squares inside.




This week’s spellings you will be focusing on ‘Words with an ‘or’ sound spelt ‘or’’

For today’s lesson, pick from either of the spelling activities.



New half term = New unit

We are going to be looking at Databases

Every lesson will be using PurpleMash.

Database on the Remote Learning Homepage

Make sure you click on the correct Lesson each week.


This week – Lesson 1

Follow the instructions & Video =]



Topic – History

LO: To find out who the Anglo-Saxons were and what their lives were like.



Read up on Anglo Saxons

Task 1

Use the Timeline cards and place them in order


Task 2

Use the information cards to find out about the Anglo Saxons

Challenge 1 – Green info cards

Challenge 2 – Blue info cards

Challenge 3 – Pink/Blue Cards

Success criteria:

I can order events on a timeline

I can select relevant information

I can understand what life was like for the Anglo-Saxons

I can demonstrate chronological knowledge of British history






~ Team Year 5 ~

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