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Galley Hill Primary School, Hemel Hempstead. 'Value of the Month - 'CARING'


Good morning everyone,
We hope you had a good weekend and managed to find something fun to do.
It was a bit of a grey weekend (especially Sunday) wasn't it? If the puddle in my garden gets any bigger, I may need to consider building my own ark soon!

This week is going to be very busy for us because there will be lots of things for us to learn and to do.

All school will be focusing on Feeling Good Week. We will be looking at what makes us feel good, what to do to feel good (even on the cloudy, dark days). We will be adding an optional activity that you might want to take part in. Please see the school website for more information. Below is a short video clip of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge marking the start of the previous week’s focus- Children’s Mental Health Week, which we will extend in our school: 


Last week children were learning about dragons in stories, looked after the dragon's egg and looked for it's mum. This week we will continue learning about the place of these fearsome beasts in Chinese New Year celebrations. We will look at Chinese New Year traditions and festivities and how they are different to the things we celebrate.

Here is the plan for today (as we always say, try your best, if you can’t manage everything, do what you can):

Recall all the sounds learnt so far: Phase 2 and Phase 3 as well as High Frequency and Tricky words. Play different games using those sounds; we showed you in previous videos all different things you can use at home and different ways you can create your own phonics games.
Watch Miss Edmonds in the class playing Phonics game show. Have a go guessing the sounds and writing the words.


Literacy/PSED: Listen to the story of a little boy called Jack who was worried a lot, 'Jack’s Worry' by Sam Zuppardi 


and another story that some of you can relate to as well: ‘Ruby's worry' 

A 'worry' with a yellow orb appears next to Ruby one day and continues to grow when she ignores the shadow-like entity, simply hoping that the worry will disappear of its own accord. When she meets another child with their own 'worry' and asks them about their feelings, she realises how to rid herself of worries... she needs to talk about them! 'it's okay to not be okay' but this week we will be focussing on how to feel good. What could you do to feel good?


Maths: it is all about the numbers again. Why do we need to know them? Are they important? Why? Have a look at the game that Miss Edmonds plays with the children in the class. See the link below and have fun:  We are focusing on ordering but you can explore other games too.



UW: Mrs Prince will show you the different signs of Spring we spotted in the woodlands. Go on your own walk and have a look for the earliest signs of Spring appearing.


Have a marvellous Monday everyone, we look forward to seeing everyone in your photos.
Stay safe, have fun and keep up the great work.
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