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Activities for Monday


LO: To verbally explain.

To start with today we would like you to recap last week’s learning.


What is an explanation?

Who are explanations intended for?

What are the features of an explanation?


If you’re struggling to remember check the Tuesday page from last week.

Today, similar to Monday last week. You are going to verbally explain how things work from around the house. If you feel like being really creative why not try to present how it works like you’re on a TV show.


You could do this about anything, as we want you to use your imagination.


I wonder how a Smart Phone works…or even a Games Console…


Choose 10 words from the 3/4 word list and use them in a sentence. If you want to do a little extra you might want to do some rainbow writing, pyramid spelling, an acrostic poem or a nonsense story.  


‘too many ands’

There are 4 different sheets with this challenge. Your choice whether you do 1 or more… more would be best J

It may be worth googling, examples of conjunctions, if you need inspiration



Today we are going to spend some time exploring Roman Numerals up to 100.

To start with think about where in your everyday life you see them. Can you make a list? Go through the PowerPoint. You can then complete the challenges.

If you finish why not try to write your birthday in Roman Numerals? You could even make a scroll!

If you’d like some more practise, I have set a task on PurpleMash for you to have a go at.


If you want to practise your times tables why not have a go at TTRS or one of these games: 


RE and French
Have a look at Mrs Huscroft’s screens and videos.


If you feel like you’re missing your friends – why not send them an email?
On PurpleMash you can use: to send messages to anyone in Year 4.


Please remember to send us any work you complete at some point during the day on either PurpleMash or through to either or


We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Team Year 4!



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