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Nursery Times Letter


20 November 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,


Please can we remind you that our Nursery morning session starts at 8.30 am and finishes at 11.30 am, the afternoon session starts at 12.30 pm and finishes at 3.30 pm every day.


It is very important that your child arrives promptly and stays until the end of each session. Late arrivals in the morning miss the start of their lesson and it is very disruptive for your child because they know they are late to school.

We do understand that on a rare occasion a child needs to be picked up early because of an emergency. Unfortunately, most days children are being picked up at different times at the end of the afternoon nursery session. We are a school and our routines and teaching patterns are very different from child care settings. If your child is being picked up between 3.00pm and 3.20pm then they miss their phonic lesson that day. These lessons are a very important part of every child’s education. If a member of staff is getting children ready to go home every few minutes, then this means children and lessons cannot be taught.

We have two collection times for afternoon nursery children. 30 hour children are collected at 2.30pm and 15 hour children at 3.30pm.

If you do need to collect your child early due to an emergency situation, then please use the 2.30pm collection time.


We do appreciate your help and support with school routines, which enables the teaching of all your children to take place, without interruptions, every day.


Thank you for your understanding,




Miss Elsey

Deputy Headteacher

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