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Opal Learning

Edgar’s world wide tour home

Last full week with Edgar!

Ready to party!!!!

Merry Christmas from Opal!


Gingerbread fun!

For D&T today we followed a recipe and made some gingerbread! 
This was such a success and the classroom smelt delicious! 

I believe I can fly!!!

We were lucky enough to have a group come in for a trampoline workshop!
We bounced, rolled and tucked it was incredible :)

After all this fun, what more could week 3 possibly bring?! 

3D Snow Globes

Festive Fruit Kebabs

For D&T today we made some Snowmen and Grinch’ee kebabs.

We used bananas, strawberries, grapes, raisins and marshmallows. 


Measuring up the classroom

Today we started exploring measurement. We started by drawing lines to a specific length, then did some basic conversion and finally we measured some things in the classroom!

Here for a repeat performance the week's rockstars...


We’ve had an amazing first week with Edgar the Elf!

Can’t wait for week 2!!!


Elf School

Today we had our learning to learn day where we explored the Galley Hill values. Perseverance, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Patience, Co-operation, Empathy, Courage, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Caring. 
We helped Edgar learn how to be a good elf by watching Christmas clips and completing activities that showed these values.

Today we are happy to say that we worked really hard to 🐝 our best! 

Exploring perimeter!
We used lollipop sticks and a dice to create rectangles and work out the perimeter. 

Hummus for Opal!
Today we made hummus and prepared vegetables and bread for dipping.

The recipe is available on the site should you want to try it yourself!


Well done Preet and Ella - this week's most awesome rock stars!

Remember next week this could be you...


Exploring Gurpurbs

Today we tasted food to celebrate this Sikh festival

We got a message!!!

The classroom is all aglow! 
In RE with Mrs Field today the class made Diwali lanterns and they look absolutely stunning!

Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Diwali, which for some also coincides with harvest and new year celebrations, is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness.


Some visitors appeared in the windows of Opal...

We’re a little concerned about the presents! 🎁 

There’s always time for a little golf!
We spent some time taking part in the tri-golf tournament today - so much fun!

For one day only we have had a Greek restaurant at school - The Opal!
We tried pitta, hummus, olives, feta and yoghurt. There may have also been some sugar rushes from the addition of honey!


Love a repeat performance from our rock stars Daniel and Preet?
Will we have some new performers next week?

Exciting news in Opal today - we can't wait!!!!

Opal doing our part for Children in Need!

We are loving our spots and thank you everyone for your donations!

What’s 8 x 8?

I ate and I ate till I was sick on the floor, 8 times 8 is 64!
We took our times table learning outside today and played some games to improve our recall time. 

Practise makes perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ» 

The first rockstars of the year in Opal are Daniel and Preet - ah yeah! 🎸 

If you want to be featured on next week you need to rock out on TTRS this week…

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We are lucky enough to be taking part in the Decorum Virtual Run! We had to run 1200m which is three times our Daily Mile! As this was cross country not a sprint we knew to take our time and not tire ourselves out. Some of us enjoyed it so much though we did 8 laps!!! 🐒 

Eskimo Architects!
In Opal today we were designing towers however these were no ordinary towers but ice towers! We had to battle the elements to make as tall a tower as we can. It needed to stand for ten seconds without help. We learnt that when exposed to the heat from the room and our hands the ice cubes didn’t last long - a race against time to build the towers! 

Everlasting Abstract Plants!
We in Opal have done the impossible! We have created plants that even if you forget to water them they won’t ever die! We were inspired by the abstract work of Marisol Escobar to make clay pots and paper maché cacti. We then painted the both of them to be intriguing and eye catching! 

A Truly Delicious Science Experiment 

We finished our Science unit ‘States of Matter’ looking at how chocolate can change it’s state from a solid to a liquid. We discovered that white chocolate had the lowest melting point as it melted first, followed by dark chocolate then milk chocolate. It was a great experiment but also absolute torture! It smelt so good!

D&T Day

Do not look at these puppets!
We spent our D&T Learning to Learn day being inspired by ‘Do Not Open This Book’ by Andy Lee. We made some glove puppets using felt and sewed them ourselves - we had an awesome day! 

Celebration Board

We in Opal have finally finished our celebration board! We decided that we wanted to focus on the work that we've done on our times tables. We created posters, shared top tips and linked everything to the Winnie the Pooh challenge! We are currently working on our 3s, 4s and 8s but look out 6s we're coming for you next...

This Needs Investigating!
Today in Science we put our investigator hats on and we independently investigated how molecules react in certain situations.

We looked at how the weight of a balloon changes once it’s blown up, how long it takes a feather to fall to the floor, why we can smell something more the closer it is and why we can’t crush a plastic container when it’s filled with air. 

A Greek Epic!
In Topic we retold some of our favourite Greek myths. We could do this through either acting, a puppet performance or even a comic strip. Can you work out the myths that are being retold?

A Rainbow of Beliefs

With Mrs Field in RE we are looking at Christianity and Hinduism this term. We began by looking at some important symbols within these two religions and some of the practises that are sacred to them. We then created some beautiful patterns on these crosses. 

Work in Progress

After designing we have finally started work on our clay pots. We watched some ‘how to’ videos which showed us how we could use curling and pinching to make a really impressive pot! 

The Great Ice Lolly Experiment 

Today Opal received a challenge! We were given some ice lollies to protect as the freezer was broken. We needed to stop them from melting so we needed to find materials that would insulate them. We left them the day and then checked on them - unfortunately it was a little too toasty so most of them melted but we then learnt how to improve for next time

Comparing Numbers

In maths today we focused on comparing two numbers to see which was greater than the other. We then played a fun game where the dice and your own tactical playing decided your fate!
You rolled the dice and put the digit in the place value spot of your choice and kept going until you completed your box. The person with the biggest number wins! 



Everything in Order?
In Maths we focused on ordering numbers. We had to choose a number between 0 and 999. We then used our place value to order ourselves first in small groups then as a whole class!

Art Attack!
We spent some time today being inspired by Greek art. We looked at the architecture of columns, paintings of the gods and Greek vases and sculptures. We took advantage of the lovely weather to sketch in the sun. 
We also had a go at recreating our favourite sculptures in the classroom - Strike a Pose! 

I Want My Puppet Back!
We started out English work this year by reading ‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen. We loved the story so much we decided to retell it using puppets. It’s a story about a poor confused bear who’s sad as he seems to have misplaced his hat. Where could it be? Did he lose it? Or did someone *gasp* steal it! 

Don’t Look! Athena Turned Us Into Medusa!
Oh no! You looked and now we’ve turned you into stone!
We learnt all about Medusa and how she was turned into a hideous gorgon by the goddess Athena because of her vanity and boastful comments. We used pictures of ourselves and made snake hair out of different materials. hissssssssssssss

Welcome to Opal Class!

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