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Joe Wicks will be running his daily workouts again, why not take a look! These do not have to be completed live as they stay on his Youtube channel.



Warm up

Bean Game- Discuss different types of bean, move to imitate the different types.

String bean - stand tall

Broad bean – make yourself big

Chilli bean – shiver all over

Runner bean – run on the spot

Jelly bean – wobble body parts

Beans on toast – lie on the floor

French beans – saying “oo la la”


Puffing Along

1 Choose the names of your trains and show your special train moves.

Now some different moves.

2. Lets hear your train noises!

Lets practise making a really loud “toot”

3. make sure opposite arm and legs are moving forward at the same time

Slow it down and concentrate

4. Can you change your speed and go faster and faster?

Now can you move really, really slow?

5. Now can you or someone shout what instruction to follow

Tunnel=loud toots, Up the hill= knees up, Over the bridge= heels up, Through the station=wave, Reverse=move backwards

6.Now can you do more than one, for example, “through the tunnel then up the hill”

Can you remember?

7. What other ideas have you got that we can add in?

8. Follow all the new instructions, for example, reverse, wave to passer by, through a tunnel

9. What other moves can we try?

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