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Attached are the worksheets for this todays Phonics. We will be looking at digraphs. I have attached lesson PowerPoints to support children’s understanding. Digraphs might be a challenging concept for your child.

 a. Today we are going to introduce the sound ‘ay’.’

 b. Questions to be asked to the child:

  • What sound does this make? (Ensure children are aware this makes one sound even though there is two letters. Introduce it is a diagraph – which means 2 letters together make 1 sound. )
  • The sound they already know is ‘ai’ and ‘a-e’ – remind them all three ‘ay’,‘ ai’ and ‘a-e’ make same sound but have different letters.

c. Children to read the words on the worksheet, there are three options please complete the work most appropriate to your child.

d. Then they locate the ‘ay’ words in the word search sheet.

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