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Revisit: Children to practice reading phase 3 tricky on phonics play ‘Tricky word trucks’.

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Teach: Today we are going to be continuing the ‘ph’ sound.

  1. Questions you may ask:
  • What sound did we look at yesterday?
  • Revisit what sound does ‘ph’ make? (Remind children that it is a digraph and what does this mean?)
  • The sounds they already know are ’f’. ‘ff’  - remind them these 2 make same sound but have different letters.


  • Explain to children today they are going to write words with the sound ‘ph’ in it.
  • Model words - Dolphin, phone, elephant, photo, graph  

Practise: Children to complete the attached worksheet. The worksheet attached will include some words that do not have the ‘ph’ sound. Children need to say the word of the picture and identify whether it contains the ‘ph’ sound and write the ‘ph’ word in the worksheet.

   Apply: Children to write the sentence. They may need modelling.

 e.g.: a. Photo on the phone. b. Phin phones Phil. c. Philip likes physics.

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